The Geographer's Toolkit


National Geographic - Mapping 


Create your own map, explore maps of any kind from earthquackes to projections of matter. Tons of how tos for the learning Geographer. 


CIAs World Factbook 


Overviews of the world's countries and their cultures. Focus on how each culture uses maps. 


Historical Map Archive



United States Census Bureau: Geography  

Physical and Ecological Process


Scholarly Articles (Primary Sources) on Physical and Ecological Process



NOAA Great Lakes Enviornmental Research Laboratory



Department of Anthropoloigy: Focus on how land and climate impacts cultures



Ecologoal Societ of America: What does ecology have to do with me? 



Google Earth 



IUNC Red List: Lists the regions of the world and the countries within them. 



U.S. Department of State 



Regions of the World Interactive Template



Regional Maps 



The World Bank's Annual World Development Report by Regions

World Geography Digital Resources: 


Resources on this page are meant to support instrucution and learning in the course World Geography. Resources are organized by the new Social Studies 2014-2015 standards. There are also resources that can be found at


Please email for any additional help or support. 

The Relevance of Geography

GeoCurrents: Current Events involving Geography 



Geography News by Science Daily 



Geography News by The New York Times



US News: Geography


The Population Institute:            Population Connections



Learn Stuff: Updated Statistical Reources on Population by country. 



World Population Balance



United States Census Bureau 



UNFPA Population Issues